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My passion is golf! I enjoy helping my students improve their games almost as much as I enjoy playing golf myself. Whether it be introducing a beginner to the thrill of a purely-struck shot, watching active players progress and improve their games or helping a competitive player prepare for their next competition, the most important role that I have as your coach is to clearly lay out the steps that are required to take your game to the next level.


Golf is not a ‘one size fits all’ sport. Every golfer’s physical make-up is different and as a result, so are their golf swings. By ensuring that you fully understand how your golf swing works, your path to a more successful game becomes much clearer.

Everyone, regardless of size, age or physical ability, is capable of developing a repetitive golf swing. After mastering the fundamentals of grip, posture and alignment, students will learn about the key relationship between arm swing and body rotation.


As every golf swing involves this relationship, we will be focusing on finding how to make your swing the most efficient it can be.

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