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Golf Rule Changes 2019

Rules Changes

Dropping Height –  Height of knee when bottom half of leg vertical

Areas of course – General Area, Penalty area, Teeing area, Putting green, Bunkers

Loose impediments can be moved from anywhere

Ground club in bunkers and penalty areas but not in front and behind ball in bunker

Move boundary stakes if replaced before stroke

3 minutes to look for ball

DMDs allowed

Ball must not roll out of relief area

Unplayable ball in bunker – relief outside bunker 2 shot penalty

Red stakes – No relief using opposite side of penalty area as reference point

Additional penalty areas available to committee

Accidental double hit rule dropped

Ball moved on green now relaxed

New rule for dropping off wrong green

Ball holed if any part lies beneath surface

Ball accidentally move in search. No penalty and replace

Embedded ball – relief anywhere in general area

Cannot use caddy or equipment to align yourself

Repair damage on line of putt but not natural imperfections

Things You Can Do now

Putt with the flag in

Accidentally Double Hit

Pull up white stakes provided you put them back before you hit

Unplayable in a bunker – Drop back out of bunker for 2 shot penalty

Ball still in teeing area – put ball on tee anywhere in teeing area

Move loose impediments in penalty areas and bunkers

Ground club in bunker but not in front or behind ball.

Ground club and take practice swings in Penalty Areas as if in General Area

Once ball has been marked on green any accidental movement of the ball or marker– REPLACE ball or marker

If ball hits you or equipment accidentally – No penalty

Accidently move ball in search. Must however recreate original position

Things You Cannot do now

Look for ball more than 3 minutes

Drop a ball outside red penalty area using opposite side of margin as a reference point

Ball cannot roll out of relief area

Drop from any height other than knee height with leg vertical

Use long putter to measure. Must be longest club other than putter

Unless a club has introduced Model Local Rule E-5, if you lose a ball or hit it Out of Bounds you CANNOT drop a ball near the spot for a penalty of 2 shots. You should check the Local Rules at each club you play.

Stand on a wrong green to play a shot