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County cards are available, from the Secretary or the Professional, to all adult male members at no cost . They can be used to obtain a discount, for one round, of up to 50% off green fees  at any club in the Glamorgan County Union and a number of courses in Gwent and Dyfed. Full details can be found on the Glamorgan County Golf website.



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Various membership packages available from only £99 per year.


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Caerphilly Golf Club is the ideal venue for that most special of all occasions.


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Why not visit Martyn’s ‘Sunday Lunch at Caerphilly Golf Club’ Facebook page where you can also book a table. Just click on the Facebook icon


** Caerphilly Golf Club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Membership of the Club is open to the whole Community and its main purpose is to provide facilities for, and the promotion of participation of Golf. Details of available Memberships can be found on the Membership page



Ask The Referee

Answer to last weeks question:

Identifying the ball – One of the most abused rules.

1) You cannot just rotate your ball. You must mark the ball before you do anything! 2) You can only clean enough of the ball to enable you to identify it.

However in ALL the mentioned circumstances you are penalised because, before you do anything, you MUST inform your opponent or fellow competitor what you intend to do AND you must give them the opportunity to witness you lifting and replacing it.

This week

You wish to drop out of G.U.R and the nearest point of relief is a) casual water b) adjacent to an obstruction  c) another area of G.U.R.. In each case what is your option.